Review: Turn Coat (Dresden Files)


Finally, I got around to reading some Jim Butcher. I’m glad I did.

Turn Coat was my introduction to Harry Dresden. People have been recommending it to me for a while now since I also write some paranormal fiction and one of my series has a detective (though I modeled him more after Constantine as I hadn’t yet read any Dresden.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I thought Butcher’s writing (though in my least favorite POV, 1st person,) was done well enough that I caught most of the context of relevant stories that came before. It didn’t feel like I’d missed half the story and was bumbling around in the dark.  Some of my reader friends have hated on Dresden in the past, but their exposure was in earlier books (Turn Coat was book 11 in the series and I found it at a library book sale and picked it up since I’d been meaning to pick one up anyway to check it out—and I’d much rather own a book than borrow it.)

The thing that amused me most is that Dresden’s inner monologue sounds an awful lot like my own, which made me smile because of the irony. It was a lot of fun, and definitely an adult book (not that it was gratuitous in overt ways [lord knows a lot of those YA books are practically pornographic,] but the book felt more relevant to my adult life than many of the paranormal books on the market whose market skews younger. I appreciate that. It seems like too few writers and publishers view me as a target audience anymore.

If you want to check it out, Click here to check out Turn Coat.

Click here, instead, if you want to check out the full series.


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