State of Writing


I completed the first chapter of the next Dekker’s Dozen SF, but the rest of the week kind of ran me over hard. The weather in MN is getting me down. We got rained on (over top of last week’s foot of snow) plus we got another 6-9” right over top of it. Everything is frozen in slush… floods over top of ice. It’s awful and it affects everything.

Hopefully I can write a second chapter this week while also recording the last DD novelette for audiobook. At least I did get my new setup installed and ready, but I will be spending free time continuing to market (plus I’m writing notes for a marketing module to do as part of my writer’s workshop that I do). It’s also St. Patty’s Day weekend, which is rather in demand for me and my bagpiping skills.

On a happy side-note, all of my marketing endeavors are beginning to pay off. I’ve averaged over 500 page reads per day on KU and sold quite a few books this month with organic reach (not because of direct ads, which I’m not currently running. Just writing that down brightens my day.)


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