Author Feature: Steve Salmon


Steve Salmon’s It’s A New Life! Mom Is Gone is about a man with severe Cerebral palsy, who loses his mother from a brief illness.  After living with her for forty-seven years, he becomes an adult overnight.  Through the love of his family and friends, he becomes independent.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

I have severe Cerebral palsy.  Morse code is how I write since I’m unable to use my hands.  Swaying my head back and forth all day is how I write.  It’s a slow process, but it works for me.  When I was eighteen, I was labeled unemployable by the government.  My dream was to go to college.  It made me angry that I wasn’t a chance to succeed.  After spending two years at home, my mother put me through school herself.  My anger made me want to tell my story.  That’s why I became a writer.

Tell us about your stories:

I write what I know.  My main characters have Cerebral palsy.  I show readers that people with Cerebral palsy are human like everyone else.  Another reason I write is often the disabled don’t have a voice and are not given a chance.  My newest manuscript is a middle grade book about an autism boy, who loses his parents one night and runs away from his group home.  A policeman befriends him.

What kind of success have you had?

Well, let’s just say that I’m not a bestselling author.  All authors dream about becoming a New York author.  Sometimes I feel like a failure.  I have a publisher and a literary agent.  Not many authors have that.  There are twenty-four million hits on my website.  So, I’m making a difference in the world.

What books/authors are your greatest influence?

My mother introduced me to Christy Brown when I was sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself.  My Left Foot inspired me to become an author.  Christy had severe Cerebral palsy.  If Christy was an author, why couldn’t I?  Larry Watson taught writing when I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  He is an acclaimed novelist of Montana 1948, Justice, Orchard, Laura, and White Crosses.  Larry was a role model.  I took several classes from him, including an Independent Study Novel Writing class, helping me start my first manuscript.

Give us an insight into a time you wrote a scene with feeling.

In my newest memoir my character goes to the strip club on a cold snowy night to celebrate his fiftieth birthday.  He has a beer and two lap dances with his two favorite strippers.  My Cerebral palsy is a part of me but it doesn’t define the person that I am.  I’m a man, who enjoys a beer and the company of women.  I have “needs” just like any man does.

Always listen to your heart not your family about writing.  Find some writers who you can talk to for support.  Follow your passion.

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