Wolves of the Tesseract Huge Giveaway!


Wolf of the Tesseract is FREE today! and Wolves of the Tesseract 2: Through the Darque Gates of Koth is discounted all week on a count-down deal. I’d love if you downloaded the series and let me know what you thing! (and follow the jump to learn how to get the comic book prequel for free). Both books are in KU.

“Claire Jones is more than your average girl: her bloodline ties her to the all-powerful Architect King. Only she can stop the creatures that dwell beyond the known dimensions… and the forces of the enemy have multiplied.”

The series is a high concept urban fantasy that is something like Percy Jackson vs Cthulu!

I offer a special give-away ebook collection to those on my mailing list as a special bonus for signing up! I’d like to invite you download FIVE ebooks for free as a part of my Starter Library (normally retailing at about $20+)

To get your free Starter Library, simply click this paragraph and follow the link. Enter your email address and then collect your books as they are sent to you. It’s that simple!

starter library 3d


Get Wolf of the Tesseract right now for free on Kindle.

Check out Wott2: Through the Darque Gates of Koth right now at Amazon.

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