Author Feature: Tim Niederriter


Tim Niederriter writes Space Opera and Fantasy and hosts the roleplaying game podcast “Of Mooks and Monsters.” .

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

The son of two physicists who read me the Hobbit before I went to grade school, I felt primed to be a speculative fiction writer. Over the course of my schooling I wrote a ton of books. More recently, I podcast about authorship and roleplaying games, but my focus is and always has been making fun science fiction and fantasy.

Tell us about your stories:

My books vary between classic fantasy stories like the Spells of the Curtain series of novellas, and the new Pillar Universe space opera series. My most recent work is Flame Wind, book two of the Pillar Universe, continuing the frontier story from book one as the heroine travels to compelling and wild places.

What kind of success have you had?

I’m a fairly new author, but I am pleased the Spells of the Curtain has gained me a readership in both Kindle Unlimited and ebook. So far it is my most successful series both financially and critically. I hope the Pillar Universe continues to improve on that success.

Are your characters pure fiction or based on something/someone.

My characters are all inspired by different aspects of my own life, then shifted by the world and conditions I put in their history. With the main character of the Pillar Universe series I really tried to dig into the meat of what it felt like to be lonely and how people, including me, fight to fit in.

Give us an insight into a time you wrote a scene with feeling.

My favorite scene in the first Pillar Universe book is one where the main team is just sitting around playing cards. It’s the first time the heroine really fits in, pretty early in the larger story and its a pretty funny too. Even so, she’s always on edge, and that tension really helped me relate to her. I hope readers who get there will get the same sense.

Also, my favorite pie is lemon merengue. Try it some time if you haven’t already.

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