Review: Before the Fall

41QSN-8e8vL.jpgI got an ARC of Leah Downing’s Before the Fall to review for my blog, Inside the Inkwell. It is book #3 of the Shooting Star Series.

While this is not normally my type of book (it’s in a POV I normally hate and on the more romance-tilted side of my main genre,) I found myself really enjoying this book.

To clarify my previous statement, I normally loathe 1st person POV stories… it’s usually not done with skill and we either find ourselves so mired down in a character’s introspection and senses, or the writer continually breaks POV giving us a yo-yo feel. Downing skillfully manages a perfect balance, as you would expect from a third in a series. Also, though it’s #3, Downing does a great job with the way she writes so that we can infer much about the characters and their backgrounds in previous stories based on how she presents the scenes (like how Lauren mistakes a hologram of an actor for a real person and the tone of the short conversation much of what we need to know about their previous relationship.)

The premise is interesting: a woman who is being hassled by a malicious djinn. It’s that nuanced world building that merges our world with the supernatural that I found appealing about the book. The world was both dangerous and fun, though. Kind of like Lucifer, Bedazzled, or maybe a modern Aladdin where the genie is evil, instead.

Lots of fun—pick up the series, but feel free to start anywhere like I did!

I got a free review copy in exchange for an honest review at my blog. You can check it out by clicking here.



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