Author Feature: Mark J Schultis


Community leader. Particle physicist. International Assassin. Mark J Schultis is none of these. He wrote his first story in elementary school and has spent a lifetime keeping that childhood passion of storytelling alive, studying theatre and filmmaking before eventually earning his writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh. A perpetual night owl and pizza connoisseur, Mark was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife and their two children. Schultis’s Dawn Cluster series is an action-packed Military SciFi.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into writing:

In my youth, science fiction and fantasy helped me make sense of the world in ways my family couldn’t. Not only was I entertained, but the moral and ethical themes great Sci-Fi contain helped me see the world for what it was and what it could be. I was inspired to contribute and have been writing since childhood.

Tell us about your stories:

I have found that themes of truth, trust and annihilation tend to seep into everything I write, and The Dawn Cluster is about all three. Although on the surface it’s a story of survival and retaliation, each character is grappling with either a secret or a mystery that has and continues to shape them.

What kind of success have you had?

Well I set out to tell the best story I could, a love letter to all that inspired me, and my readers seem to have picked up on that.

What books/authors are your greatest influence?

In high school I came across Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and in college I began Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles. I’d say these were my earliest inspirations, but Timothy Zahn and George RR Martin’s writing styles have had the most impact on me..

Give us an insight into a time you wrote a scene with feeling.

Without spoiling anything, I’ll say the finale of my third book, Destiny. Everything coming together? Brought a smile to my face to be sure.


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