State of Writing


I ALMOST met my goals last week. It was a busy one to be sure, but most of them really are. I did write well past the half way point mark of my newest SF book. I’ve been promising a new installment for Dekker’s Dozen for a while and said that I would have a new print book in 2019 for my fans to buy at conventions. My novella series (called the Armageddon Seeds) will be available this year—but I have another 10k-12k left to write in it (of a projected 80k or so total) and I hope to be done  with the last 25k novella by the end of next week.

I got about 3.5 chapters of audio recorded last week. I had some time budgeted for it, but my mic began picking up a 60cycle hum and I didn’t want to keep recording until I was able to get a clean input. I’ll try again this week. I really want to complete the audio recording of Wott2 by the end of the month as well. I’ve got lots of projects with notes pending and I’d love to jump into them, but these come first.

Also, convention plans are booked—come hang with me at comicon and lets talk fiction!

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