State of Writing


Last week I got my new fantasy, Ashes of Ailushurai off to the trademark holders. This book. Is. Awesome. I rather surprised myself with some of the subtle themes that thread through it, though it’s written as something of a coming of age quest in a very D&D like world (which is in a trademarked universe). Like most of my books, it really spiraled into something all on its own and I’ve got more ideas than I can reasonably pack between the pages… that may lead to an eventual two more books. I’ll wait to make any decisions for a while. I need to let the trademark holders and their team look over it first to see if it’s a thumbs up or down or needs significant changes to make it into a shared universe. Mums the word until then.

I’m still spinning my wheels somewhat on my audio book recording for Wolves of the Tesseract 2… I’m at about 70% done… I just keep bouncing back to other projects that are also very important and timely. My goal is to record at least 5 chapters this week.

I’m up to 4 chapters on the final Dekker’s Dozen (all of those prequels I’ve been writing are in one series called The Armageddon Seeds. I hope to be at about 30% completed by the weekend, in addition to those audio chapters. Most of my writing plans and goals are already mapped out for the entire year. We’ll see if I take any major detours, but my next two major goals are the audio book and the scifi in the works right now.

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