Review of Firefly: Big Damn Hero


One of the things I wanted most for the holidays was to take a day or two and sit down with this new Firefly book. Mission accomplished. Big Damn Hero (and I’m assuming the subsequent two books) takes place immediately after the Firefly series ends and in that period of time between the show and the movie Serenity.

There were many things to love about this book by James Lovegrove. There was a fair amount of other involvement as well, including oversight by the Wedon himself.

First things first, I loved the book. One of the neatest things about it is what I call the Morgan Freeman effect. If you see a meme with Morgan Freeman’s picture, all the words will sound like his very distinct voice in your head. The book had that same thing going on since we all know and love the characters. The author did make overt tempts to preserve this inner voicing and, for the most part, did so very successfully.

One of the things that seemed a bit clunky was the insertion of some stock material, especially in the first third of the book, to refresh the reader on exactly what Firefly is all about. If you talk to ancient language scholars about literary “seams” where it appears redactors or editors changed or added material, you will get what I mean. Some of that data seems like it was inserted editorially for the benefit of the uninformed. That’s fine, but it came off like it was written after the fact (at least in a different voice.)

About a third of the way through it also felt like the story really bogged down in dialogue—more dialogue than is normally expected in an action tale like this. But hey, at least it was all in the voices of characters we know and love.

If you love Firefly, this is a book that you really ought to get in order to keep that universe alive and spinning. You might also check out the Dekker’s Dozen SF series which bears some similarities. Overall, though, this is one that I highly recommend and which will remain in my book collection.

You can pick up a copy of this book by clicking here!




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