State of Writing


I spent most of the last two weeks working on the business end of writing related projects. While my mailing list has been operational for a while, I trimmed over 500 names off the list for inactivity and reworked all of my workflows (basically, I made it better, cleaner, and it offers better content) all in preparation for a future ad campaign as I try to get bigger and better in 2019.

My mailing list now offers 5 free books for signing up. You can get there by clicking here.

I also got a few of my series set up in boxsets (in addition to launching my newest SF book in the Dekker’s Dozen series). Oh, and I read a lot. Couple of novels for my own enjoyment.

Hopefully, by next week I will have final edits on my current draft ready for review by the trademark holder and then I’ll know if I have good news to report. It’s over half done at the moment… and then its on to my next SF project J

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