The Secret Trick to Contacting Amazon or KDP Via Telephone


It’s Christmas time, so I’m going to give away something that, in certain moments, will feel infinitely valuable: the way to contact Amazon via telephone. I had to fight a minotaur and purchase this info with a chest full of cursed Aztec gold. If a simple, 4-step method (to have you on the phone with Zon in 60 seconds) is the kind of thing you’ve been searching for, then read on!

There are a few things that you need to have in place in order for this to work… but as an author, you probably have them already: an amazon account and a Kindle Direct Publishing account. You will also need to have your account set up in Amazon’s Author Central. If you haven’t played around with Author Central, you are really missing out—get on that ASAP.

Step 1: log in to Author Central.

Step 2: Click Help in the upper right hand corner.

Step 3: Click Contact

Step 4: Select any kind of issue on the drop down menu and select Phone under contact type and verify your phone number. The customer service line will ring you up in a few minutes and connect you. If it’s not quite the right department they will connect you (if it’s a KDP issue, they will put you on hold and connect you to their support department.)

Short and easy… no more waiting around for days to get a vague, copy/pasted response via email. Don’t abuse it, for sure, but when you simply must talk to a human, this is the easiest way I’ve found to do it.

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