Free Fiction Tuesday (plus, support starving artists at no cost to you!)


So, I’m back after a 1 month hiatus at my blog. Yes, I have a free book this week! But also, I wanted to tell you how you can support writers in a huge way… I use Amazon Affiliate links on all of my reviews, etc. They are neat little things that give promoters a little commission. Christmas is huge for us. If you plan to do some shopping on Amazon, would you click my below link before you do your holiday shopping (even if you’ve gotten my free book before?)

Pop all those wants and needs in your cart and then check out when you’re ready. Just because you’ve clicked through to Amazon, I get a little commission–you get good prices and support an author all at once! And if you’re buying someone a new Kindle, smartphone, or ereader for Christmas, make sure to get a free copy of Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen! <–that’s the Amazon Affiliate link (hint! click that thing!)

I plan to have the next installment (prequel #3) available by new years!


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