Free Today: Dekker’s Dozen


It’s giveaway time! Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen is currently free on Kindle (through Thursday). I’d love for my space opera to hit #1 on the charts, so click to get a copy for free (and please leave a review!) I’m currently working on more stories in the series, too, so keep checking in here at my blog and website to see what Dekker and his crew of lovable space-delinquents are up to. Continue reading Free Today: Dekker’s Dozen

State of Writing


This week I had a great time (as usual) at #mcba #fallcon which is one of Minnesota’s premiere conventions for creators. I got some more work in on the next Dekker’s Dozen story. It is the sequel to Weeds of Eden and is titled “Spawn of Ganymede.” It’s pretty well sketched out and all over but the writing. Hopefully it will wrap up in a couple weeks and weigh in around 20,000 words. More to do, so I’m gonna keep crackin!


Guestblog: How to Write Comics with Dave Wheeler


Hey everybody, my name is Dave Wheeler,  a jack of all trades when it comes to comics, working as an inker, colorist, letterer, writer and book designer. In addition to the comics industry I’ve worked in the advertising and graphics industry for 8 years. I’m also proud to be one of the co-founders of the kid-friendly comic company MIND WAVE COMICS doing my part to bring back the fun to comics for almost 10 years! When I’m not in the studio I enjoy long walks on the beach, making toys and professional wrestling. That’s enough about me though.
Chris invited me to do a guest blog post talking about my process for scripting when it comes to comics…

Continue reading Guestblog: How to Write Comics with Dave Wheeler

Review: The Witchstone


The Witchstone by Victoria Randall is absolutely spellbinding!

The story is a wonderful tale and thick with history and worldbuilding that is seamlessly interwoven into the narrative (I especially loved the usage of books with author names and snippets of text that are interspersed throughout the tale—especially the first several chapters—as the tale unfolds.) The Witchstone intertwines a few narratives from different characters, all seeking one terrible hell-borne stone. Continue reading Review: The Witchstone

State of Writing


So I had what felt like a productive week. I got a few blogs written for the future, talked with a few libraries over the weekend, and got some recording done in the studio. I was also offered a publishing contract… a pretty terrible contract—you can read about it when the blog releases in a few weeks (I had a story perform very well on Wattpad and one of their up and coming competitors offered me a check and continued royalties to sell out on it. No thanks.)

In the midst of all the political nonsense that continues to shake the western world I escaped and dedicated some time to write as a means of escaping and put down several thousand words this week in two different stories I’m working on.

Hopefully, more to come this week! I’d like to keep working on the new Dekker’s Dozen installment and finish the first chapter of my new fantasy (not a TKR title). Also, I gotta get that audiobook up for Darque Gates of Koth—TKR#1 just dropped the other day and has had a lot of downloads already… I gotta keep my momentum strong.