Review: Nerdvotional


31g-E0EcEcL._SY346_Nerdvotional was one of those interesting-concept Christian devo books that instantly grabbed me. I met author Kyle Hopson at an event where he was selling them and had to take it home.

Using pieces from pop culture (and especially nerd culture, by whatever metric you wish to use,) Hopson intertwines everything from Ghostbusters references to Power Rangers to The Legend of Zelda to explain scriptural truths I easily digestible nuggets.

Nerdvotional doesn’t take itself too seriously, but neither does it come off as flippant or treat biblical passages as a sideshow to the cultural/entertainment references… quite the other way around: Hopson uses modern stories to tell greater truths (as opposed to using scripture to validate media or rationalize playing video games.)

Don’t let the title or subject matter fool you: the pop references are broad enough that anyone can benefit from this book (not just nerds). This is one of the best devos I’ve come across in a long time, and I’ve considered buying multiple copies for others who I think would enjoy and learn from this book.

I bought mine directly from the author, but you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.


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