State of Writing


I had a big week… and not just because of all of the huge things happening in my work life, but rather in spite of it! Crazy busy, and yet, I found pockets of time to write (during which I was very focused: I’d sit down, write a scene, close my laptop, and then head to work, etc.)

I think I wrote probably 5,000-8,000 words or more last week. Some computer issues arose, even, and my Scrivener crashed… luckily I remembered reading some posts about the auto backup feature and I I recovered 1500 lost words in just a few minutes.

Mainly, I worked on the new Dekker’s Dozen story, which is coming along wonderfully. It’s a little more mystery/intrigue than the previous ones and I’m enjoying the layers of a story like that and even surprised myself with little things that developed as I wrote some scenes. (and those moments are what makes writing so much fun!)

More to come… I’d like to have Dekker’s Dozen: Spawn of Ganymede at 75% complete by the weekend. I think that goal is achievable.

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