Free Today: Dekker’s Dozen


It’s giveaway time! Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen is currently free on Kindle (through Thursday). I’d love for my space opera to hit #1 on the charts, so click to get a copy for free (and please leave a review!) I’m currently working on more stories in the series, too, so keep checking in here at my blog and website to see what Dekker and his crew of lovable space-delinquents are up to.Space mercenary Dekker Knight and his team must do the unthinkable to prevent the Sun’s annihilation before his archenemy can bring what a time-traveler calls “the divine engines of reality” to a grinding halt–destroying all that is, will be, and ever was!

Pick it up by clicking here! There are two other stories in the series (one of which is permafree) so check it out…

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