Review: The Witchstone


The Witchstone by Victoria Randall is absolutely spellbinding!

The story is a wonderful tale and thick with history and worldbuilding that is seamlessly interwoven into the narrative (I especially loved the usage of books with author names and snippets of text that are interspersed throughout the tale—especially the first several chapters—as the tale unfolds.) The Witchstone intertwines a few narratives from different characters, all seeking one terrible hell-borne stone.

Randall’s story has the feel of a mystery as the mythopoeia unrolls like a scroll during the adventure. The author’s words during her beautifully written introduction and explanation of her personal journey and explanation of thematic elements are especially relevant. At the heart of The Witchstone is one highly important theme I got to interact with readers about following an article I wrote (published at Lorehaven/SpecFaith)… that is, magic often extracts a steep and terrible price—one which spell casters often think they are capable of paying, but rarely are.

The characters and setting create a rich tapestry that hearkens back to the golden age of fantasy, and while Randall has recently updated and released this title independently, it holds a certain relevance and relatability that is timeless. (Incidentally, I love this cover which throws back to that era and the distress lines on the graphics made me buy in immediately. You can’t fake the kind of authenticity that Randall’s relaunched title possesses.)

I got a free copy of this book in exchange for a review at Inside the Inkwell blog. You should check it out on amazon, by clicking here.

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