State of Writing


I got rough outlines done for the next Dekker’s Dozen novelette and for my untitled fantasy novel. I did some recording on a few new chapters for Wolf of the Tesseract: Darque Gates of Koth. There’s not much I can hope to do this week except continue on that course… refine outlines and keep recording.

My plan is to write a sample couple chapters on this fantasy WIP and then pitch it to the company who was talking with me (it’s in a shared universe). Hopefully I can get a thumbs up or down with a completed outline and an early sample. If it’s a no-go I can complete the story and remove some of the trademarked elements.

I’m also still waiting on getting Fear in a Land Without Shadows back from editing. That will be my priority once I get it back and I’m excited to get cracking on a final version around the time that the new Writers Market for Lit Agents releases.

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