State of Writing


I was able to complete my audio version of my Dekker’s Dozen prequel. I didn’t get much progress on the second WotT novel’s audio, but I will keep working at it this week!

I have a short story out on submission, now, and I’ve managed to start putting together for a kind of sword and sorcery tale. Once the outline is complete and ready I will pitch it to the folks over at SFR as it’s a story in the Dragon Dice game universe. When I last spoke with their execs, they were interested, but some time has lapsed and so I figure it’s worth putting together something solid to follow on the heels of their very successful Kickstarter campaign. If it ultimately doesn’t work out, I can always change a few of the world-building elements (places, trademarked race names, etc.) and have a solid one-shot fantasy.

I’m going to keep working on outlines for the untitled fantasy as well as the next Dekker’s Dozen outline (I’d like to have two more short stories in rough draft by Christmas) while I wait for my editor to get finished with Fear in a Land Without Shadows. It should be ready any week now.

In the meanwhile, I’m also booking self-publishing workshops and toying with the idea of starting a patreon page… but we’ll see.

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