Review: The Dead Sea Gospel

dsgJames Boswell’s debut novel, The Dead Sea Gospel, proves that there is plenty of mystery and intrigue revolving around the ancient world… and around the modern one which grasps to understand it. He pens an intricate web very Dan Brown style about a new discovery: a scroll believed to come from the first century… one that was possibly written by Jesus himself. Everyone wants it… and some are prepared to kill for it. (An intriguing tale, and one worth reviewing at my Inside the Inkwell blog).

Boswell’s characters are likeable and believable. I especially found the supporting cast (some of the college students, especially Rebecca Chatsworth,) and scenes to be very believable and even endearing.

While Brad Chase is suddenly thrust into the spotlight during this discovery, he has the chance to begin grappling with truth—and the light of such overwhelming truth can only do one thing: change the world… a world which many people want to remain as-is.

The writing and verbiage in The Dead Sea Gospel proves Boswell’s unyielding dedication to the craft and his desire to make every sentence perfect. The easy way the narrative rolls makes it easy to see that Boswell spent great effort and time on every detail.

This is a book you won’t want to miss. Pick up a copy now by clicking here!

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