State of Writing


So I’m about twelve hours behind on my Monday blog… but I had a big weekend. I did the MN Fan Fusion comic convention. What started as a sluggish first day turned into one of my top two book sales events ever. I moved something like 50-60 books (if you count comic books, and roughly 40 of those were novels sold.)

I’ve got big ambitions for the next week, but I haven’t felt particularly drawn to any projects beyond getting caught up on prewritten blogs, though I may sketch out some short fiction to begin over the next couple weeks (I consistently sell out of my Firefly-esque sci-fi novel at cons and I’m about 40,000 words/2 novelettes away from having a new paperback installment ready for readers… and several have asked after it this year.) I’m also in the midst of two new projects I’m collaborating on with art teams and have spent some time doing other, non-novel writing projects.

Man. I’ve got to start writing. Gotta balance that line between promotion and writing. I’ve also been developing a workbook to go along with my Indie Author’s Bible to use during workshops and panels where I’m helping other writers. My big goal for this week: finish those last few pages on that workbook so I can get back into the creative side of things.

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