State of Writing


Right before leaving for a weekend comic con I was able to complete the final (I hope) version of my novelette, The Bridge of Seven, my paranormal detective story that takes place in the same universe as the Wolves of the Tesseract series (and the Hidden Rings series).

This week I hope to get some additional feedback on the story before I submit it for an anthology I’m excited for. I’m hoping to perhaps sketch out a steam punk story for another anthology that a friend referred me to. Maybe, but maybe not. Lots of people at the con wanting more comics from me and so I think I should maybe work on one of those (thinking about a black and white interior with a story featuring Vikrum Wiltshire… kinda shooting for a mike mignola/noir kind of feel).

I have other big new, too. Corwin Zahn (son of SF legend Timothy Zahn, who he edits for) will be editing Fear in a Land Without Shadows! I’m super pumped. More to come… if I’m not bogged down in rewrites, that is.

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