Review-Wild Hearts: The Coming Night

51qsEghgsAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_First of all, I’m totally digging this cover for Andrew Wichland’s new book, Wild Hearts: The Coming Night. Not just the cover, but the themes, too. Cyber suits and alien invasions? This is the kind of book that there ought to be more of: high intensity slugfests with supercool tech. It reads like Power Rangers wearing Iron Man suits!

My only real complaint is that it’s first person POV, which I historically hate (mainly because it is so hard to get right)… but it’s got such cool tech and an engaging story that it overshadows that complaint. The suits have a more innocent feel than Warhammer 40k’s terminator armor, and the story doesn’t suffer the gloomy pall that one finds in that universe—but neither is it the kaiju fighting mech armor from Pacific Rim. Wichland strikes a chord somewhere in between , all while managing to focus more on the characters in the suits rather than on the tech that they wear.

He also does a great job crafting a unique world and throws in enough backstory (especially character backstory, like a missing wife, etc.) to develop something substantial.

This story is fun! I got a free copy in exchange for a review on my blog, Inside the Inkwell, but I think you ought to pick up a copy. You can check it out by clicking here.

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