State of Writing


I may have cooked my brain. My nonprofit group runs two annual peach sales where I sit by the side of the road and sell peaches. Heat indexes where 105 and up for two days and I’m sitting on blacktop for 6-9 hours each day. Despite that, I managed to finish my paranormal detective story, Bridge of Se7en. I’m pretty excited about it; I’ve wanted to write my paranormal investigator series for years now (I started one several years ago that a windows update/forced shut down destroyed.) I hope to write a few stories in the series. The Vikrum Wiltshire stories actually bridge a gap between the Hidden Rings of Myrddin series and my Wolves of the Tesseract series.

Now onto editing! I’m planning to work the story to completion this week and maybe outline some new stuff. I have 2 or 3 other projects before I begin the next Hidden Rings novel, but I have a deadline for Bridge of Se7en in order to submit it to a publication whose window closes at the end of the month and their submission call was what prompted me to pen this story when I did.

The other project I am working on is a workbook for my Indie Author’s Bible. I’m talking with a library network to teach a series that follows the book’s methods and helps writers move into the publication realm (or at least foreshadows what is to come if their manuscript isn’t yet ready.) It’s a grant funded thing that is still in discussion with the powers that be, but at least one library has already said they want to do it. More on that later (after my brain recuperates from sunstroke… and that’s no joke. I was not well after the first day.)

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