Review: The Worlds Next Door


C.E. White’s The Worlds Next Door is a fun genre blender of all the things that I love… and if you like Sci Fi and Fantasy books, then you probably will too! In the first couple of pages, White references some of the Janie (the protagonist’s) frames of reference: the TARDIS, and Hogwarts. I think that’s a perfect setup for a YA/MG adventure.

The Worlds Next Door gave me a very real sense of nostalgia for so many great pieces that mind pulled from. I kept imagining this creepy house in the beginning as the Klopek’s house from The Burbs (Janie has a similar kind of obsession as Tom Hanks’ character in the beginning,) but when Janie befriends Reggie, the story reminded me of the later Narnia books (Magician’s Nephew and The Silver Chair, both because of the alternate worlds connection, but also because of the moral underpinnings and the friendship between the main characters as they fight against great odds in an alien world.)

White’s writing is tight and well-thought out and her world building is both accessible and flavored with enough of the fantastic to make it an easy read for its younger target audience but also interesting enough for an older one, too.

While I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review on my blog, Inside the Inkwell, I recommend picking up this great tale. You can get a copy of it by clicking here.


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