State of Writing


So my vacation didn’t go exactly as planned. This freak weather in the upper Midwest washed out the roads and bridges so I did a kind of staycation and went to different things each day. That meant a bunch of driving and so I didn’t really get to sit and write for spells. I did carve out a little time, though to catch up on some blog material and spent some time with family.

I did manage a few other things like finalizing my second short story anthology and putting together a book for an author who found me through this blog; it should available in a couple months and I’ll mention it more, later. I also put some ideas together. So many ideas. I have four projects I wish I could invest 80 hours in today… it makes launching out difficult since they are each so awesome. Plus, the business side of being an author is increasingly demanding. I need to run some promo badly as my book sales have grinded to almost nothing these last two months without it.

This week my goal is to simply start… pick a project and begin. I’d like to have an outline complete for one of my stories that I can work from—two if I can manage it—and if I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’d love an outlined novella, very rough notes for a potential novel, and a strong teaser for it so I can lay some groundwork with the company who is considering it.

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