State of Writing


Success! I was able to complete my story early in the week and then complete several revisions of Grandma Ethel’s Bullets and Hollow Points. My last several weeks have been very chaotic; I’ve barely gotten any sleep and hardly kept up with my work load (ran three weeks’ worth of youth camps.)

Now that I have that done I can work on some other items on my agenda. I hope to write one more short story and a comicbook before I get serious about my next project (the second Hidden Rings novel). I will probably also get a rough sketch of an untitled fantasy project as well that I’m currently speaking to a gaming company about (warm door so far, so keeping my fingers crossed.) My artist friend who did the Wolves of the Tesseract comic wants to do another comic with me.

The story I’m planning to write takes place in both the Wolves of the Tesseract and the Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion series. It follows the character of Vikrum Wiltshire, a paranormal investigator much like Mike Mignola’s Baltimore… think Dresden meets Penny Dreadful. The comic will be a Wiltshire comic (I might call it The Red Order, though Wiltshire was technically kicked out. He has a cameo in the second Wolves of the Tesseract Book and I have some unpublished stuff with him in it already. The Red Order is formed during the first book of the Hidden Rings series.)

I have so many ideas, so little time. Dang it. If I could just get paid to write full time I’d be so thrilled. Help me out with that. Hop over to my website and by a book or three.

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