Review: The War of Humanity


E.S. Dunn’s The War of Humanity has sat for a couple weeks at the bottom of my reading stack, teasing me. It’s such an impressive book and I’ve eagerly waiting to get into it.

Let’s talk about what worked and what didn’t for me. This book strikes a good balance between standard SF and superhero tales as it effectively bridges tropes. The world building is impressive and Dunn uses a lot of language terms to infuse the alien nature of he culture and humanoid race of Chaosns. I Felt that part made me feel the surroundings and see what the author wanted me to. One thing that I felt the DCEU did great was visiting Krypton in the setup for Batman vs Superman. The world Dunn crafts feels similar to Krypton, perhaps intentionally, as Selison’s story shares so much in common.

Unfortunately, it may have achieved some world building intricacies at the expense of getting to the plot. It felt slow moving until after 50 pages or so (partly because the blurb lets us know the MC goes to earth, so the expectations are set and we don’t get to earth for a while.)

Another complaint is the POV/voice. 3rd person present makes the whole thing feel off… like it’s trying to be 1st person without limiting the readers omniscience.

All in all, it’s a solid read, and it is firmly grounded in proven SF tropes as Selison learns what it means to protect his new home and new people.

I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review. You can click here to get this book on Amazon.

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