State of Writing


As fast as I usually am, this short story is going slow. I’ve been slogging through a lot of junk on the business side of things (in addition to it being maybe the busiest time of the year for me). I’m still gonna cross my fingers that I finish the story this week… we’ll see. I’m about a quarter done with it and I’ve already got solid notes for the next short story I’d like to write (plus a rewrite on another one which establishes it as a series.)

I did have a good time at the B&N author panel for MN based SF/F writers. We had a decent crowd, in fact, and I was glad to be a part of it… though it was more of an informative event than a buying one and so I’ve got a bit of an overstock on books so I’m trying to get back to that store by the end of summer to move some books (if you’re near Roseville, stop in at the HarMar location and pick one up!)

Also, I’ve had some great conversations with some folks who hold the keys to awesome opportunities. (I’m in preliminary talks with a company who owns some old TSR rights to write a story in their universe… there were only a few books in an old series, but one of them was an old favorite of mine!)


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