Review: Helm of Darkness


A.P. Mobley’s Helm of Darkness looks incredibly promising. Mobley knows how to tell a story with good pacing and that picks up on timeless themes, and I’m a sucker for apocalyptic stories.

It was well paced and the storytelling was tight. Mobley has a great concept and I was looking forward to this book for a while, and the book ends with a setup and promise of a sequel. This was a great YA book which would be a solid read for anyone who reads mythology-styled fantasy (and reminded me somewhat of We Journey No More.)

Helm of Darkness has a feel like Rick Riordan meets Stargate (the movie), or maybe Road Warrior meets Clash of Titans.

I got a copy for free to review at Inside the Inkwell blog, but you should head over to Amazon and pick up a copy.

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