Review: A Change in the Wind


I read William Alton and John Saxon’s A Change in the Wind. This is a sleeper pick for great reads this year. It immediately felt like I was reading something by GP Taylor (Shadowmancer, and others) although more refined. The setup grabbed me right away, too, and felt similar to the plots put out by Hellboy/BPRD’s Osiris Club or Heliopic Brotherhood. The plot is great: historical bad guys consult dark powers to obtain their nefarious goals.

Right from page one it grabbed me. The writing is tense and keeps the narrative flowing. Between the authors’ skill and the quickly unfolding narrative this book gets right into the adventure. It really did beg me to keep reading.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a moment. The cover is godawful. Like, really bad. If you read some of my blogs about what not to do in a cover, this book seems like the list of “do nots” was a checklist. If I had not read the back cover pitch before I saw this cover I would’ve never touched it… however, this book is one of those that defies conventional logic. We all judge books based on covers, and this one is a prime example of why we should not (actually we should—but this book is really good.) The title was also a little bland and the series name makes a much more compelling title—Reichsfall (that’s a cool name. It ought to be on the cover somewhere!)

I could continue to talk about the cover, but this is really a great read and the content should overshadow the book. Alton and Saxon do a great job of sprinkling in history and little cultural nuances such as Germanic pronunciations to lend a cultural flavor to the story (and it is expertly done and seamlessly integrated… I also appreciated the occasional footnote for anything the authors thought might be obtuse for the reader.)

All in all, this is one I’d recommend for people to pick up and is one of the best “history meets occult/paranormal” stories I’ve read to date.

I got a free copy to read in exchange for an honest review for my blog. You can get a copy or check it out by clicking here.

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