State of Writing


Almost forgot to do this! (I usually write them the evening prior).

I had a good week at the big statewide comic convention… I got to connect with some friends and buy some cool stuff in addition to selling a bunch of books and meet lots of new people.

I didn’t write much… I started a piece of short fiction that I’m working on, but it may take a bit to complete, and I’m not worried about that. My current focus is on the convention scene and promoting some events I’ll be at (the June 9 multi-author book signing and my upcoming con this weekend: Manticon, a sci-fi convention I’m excited to be at… Timothy Zahn will be there and I’m totally stoked. If I don’t post on monday, it’s because I’m in jail for stalking.)

My goals this week are not for writing: they are to paint the exterior of my investment property so I can put it up for sale by June 1. I’d also like to have something to report on the 3 Maesters Literarium, by then, but it’s out of my hands.


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