The Kakos Realm 3: Death Upon the Fields of Splendor is finally available!

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If you’ve read any of my Monday Sate of Writing reports then you have likely seen me mention TKR3, or The Kakos Realm. The first book (Grinden Proselyte) was the first novel I ever published and it is what started me on this path, over a decade ago. I originally wrote the first two books and half of the third one… book three is finally completed and ready! The first trilogy is done and available wherever you get your books. I have plans for the next four books which will complete the series.

I’ve promised some of my long-time readers that this world is not safe, and the title reflects the high stakes… The Kakos Realm 3: Death Upon the Fields of Splendor. (Paperback readers can also get the entire trilogy as one compilation… it’s the largest possible  paperback you can get printed under Amazon’s roof.)

Also, for a limited time, all of The Kakos Realm ebooks will be discounted to 0.99, and I’m also offering a coupon to get the first book in the series completely free. Just sign up for my mailing list and the system will send you a free coupon code and link!

TKR3 WIP front

The mysterious Watcher finally arrives as a harbinger of terrible news. He sends Rashnir and Zeh-Ahbe’ on a suicide mission in order to save their friends. Despite the Luciferian Deathsquads, bounty hunters, and a secretly excavated monolith unearthed by Lilth’s Wendigo, the ranger and lycan charge headlong into the mouth of danger: the arch-mage’s home at the Temple of Light.

Before they can succeed, the Watcher shows his true colors and trades secret information in exchange for an item locked away in a demon overlord’s stronghold. They must retrieve a simple silver key that resides in the Dark Lord’s throne room.

Getting into the castle is doable—but getting out alive may be another matter entirely!


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