State of Writing


I rather lost track of all time amid a hectic week (and my last couple book reviews did not autopost, although they went to Amazon/Goodreads since I manually do those.) Anyhow, I forgot to write an update on Monday, so here I am doing it today. Between being sick and crazy busy with work life, I feel like I didn’t do much last week. Hindsight disproves that.

Last week, my third Kakos Realm novel went live, as did the Kakos Realm 3 book compilation. I also nailed down a lot of details and some media for a big author event I’m running that Barnes & Noble is hosting, plus got a promo blitz planned for the TKR series… (and in a month I get to do all of this again, but for the Wolves of the Tesseract book).

No writing or editing last week… just some reading, and lots of work on the side. I ought to start some short fiction this week, perhaps.

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