State of Writing


The first book in my new series is DONE! The rough draft for Hoods of the Red Order weighs in at just under 50,000 words but I still plan to write the prologue and epilogue–though I hope to write the pro/epi for all 5 books at once since they tie the 5 together in continuity.

Lots of other big news. The Kakos Realm 3 is now live and available for purchase! Death Upon the Fields of Splendor should be available anywhere you get paperbacks… still working on the Smashwords edition that will push to BN, Kobo, etc. I should get around to audio by this summer.

Wolves of the Tesseract #2, Through the Darque Gates of Koth is also now completed. I want to launch that on June 1 and do a release party at my huge multiauthor event happening on June 9 at Har Mar Barnes and Noble.

I’m hoping to indulge in a few weeks of rest, queries for other books I’ve written, and short fiction writing now 🙂 and then on to the next book!

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