State of Writing


Well, the good news is that I will definitely be finishing Hoods of the Red Order this week. Technically, I finished it already, but I wanted to add a foreshadowing segment that builds the characters up better and so I sketched out a small 1-2 ch subplot which I will write this week to complete the chapters of the book. (I have a prologue and epilogue forthcoming, but the epi/pro will stitch together to form a separate narrative that ties into the last book and gives the backstory of the major villain and a couple supporting characters in book 5 and so I want to write that entire piece as one and then break it into manageable chunks to split it up).

Over the weekend I blitzed down to Nebraska for some bagpiping and then back up to SD for another gig before returning home. I might’ve otherwise completed the book in its entirety. I have big plans for this week as well, including completing my publishing files for TKR3: Death Upon the Fields of Splendor and the TKR Alpha Collection.

Also, I am speaking at a library in New Ulm on Thursday and then again this weekend as a part of the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council on independent publishing. Hope to see some of your smiling faces there!

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