Review: Two Spells


Mark Morrison’s Two Spells is an exciting mashup of everything great within the younger-YA spectrum. It feels like a cross between an upper Middle Grade and a younger YA book. It felt like it would be a smash hit with 5th grade-8th grade me.

Two Spells is well written and evokes much imagery and many tropes that really blend well together. At its core it is a fantastic adventure undertaken by siblings Sarah and Jon and their summer stay at Two Spells. It’s got shades of Narnia, painted with tones of Lemony Snikket, and reminded me of so many adventure stories I picked up from school book festivals and libraries as a young reader.

I do also have to say that the cover art is stunning. The colors and vibrancy leap off the cover; the digital graphic really does not do the printed version justice! It almost looks like it was foil embossed and is one of my top two favorites that I’ve reviewed this year.

Over all I am impressed with this book. It hits all the marks and it doesn’t disappoint. I’d recommend it for readers of all ages, though it’s primarily a book for teens. I got my copy for free in exchange for an honest review at my Inside the Inkwell Blog.

You can get a copy of the book by clicking here.



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