State of Writing


I’ve had a heck of a time lately. Between snowstorm after snowstorm and a crazy workload as of late I’d normally feel frazzled. But over Easter one of my renters moved out after some major nonpayment issues (they trashed the place and I’ve spent most of my spare time hauling trash, replacing carpets, painting, and cleaning). You’d think I would’ve fallen behind… but remember what I said weeks ago about how I tend to fixate on my writing during the last third of my book or so? I’m way ahead of schedule and still making time to write. I’m only 16-18,000 words from completion and plowed into the climax chapters last week… Hoods of the Red Order is planned as fairly short by comparison (about 50,000 words, YA) and currently sits at over 31,000 words, with 16 chapters written.

I’m still on target! woohoo!

Some of the other stuff I made sure to do was revamp my Amazon Marketing Services ads for a couple books and run a promo on Dekker’s Dozen because I was accidentally locked into a new term for KDP that was expiring soon (so use the promo or lose the option). I did no media and zero advertising of The Last Watchmen being free on Kindle as an experiment to see how effective my adverts normally are. It got over a hundred downloads over a few days. My books usually do several hundred per day with free ads and other media blasts that have no cost. It’s an important lesson that I wanted to see for myself: authors must always be promoting.

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