State of Writing


I’ll admit that I struggled to get words on paper the last couple weeks. My motivation was kinda down in the dumps between funerals, life stuff, and snowstorm after snowstorm. And then I was on a roll. I had my two chapters by Monday evening. And then another on Tuesday. And another on Wednesday. It may have been that I got to an action heavy part… or maybe because I figured I ought to deal with some of the business kinda things for being an author and this was a better distraction. Whatever it was I couldn’t stop writing, and I’d fall asleep dreaming about the story and/or writing.

Suffice it to say, I hit my marks last week. I’m on track to finish the main story within the next five weeks.  This week I’m hoping for my requisite two chapters plus a few other odds and ends… maybe sketch a short story or two or begin working on layouts for an anthology or planning a book release. I’m practically ready with TKR3 and with the Kakos Realm 3 book omnibus, but want to be strategic with its release (as well as with the release of Wolves of the Tesseract 2… I’m just waiting on a couple final touches for that book.)

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