Review: The Wizards of Central Park West


Arjay Lewis’s new urban fantasy hits all the marks for the genre.

Lewis’s story of wizards disguised as homeless people of New York centers mostly around Central Park which may be hiding more secrets than anyone in the real world understands.  Police detective Eddie Berman is working a murder case and winds up with a staff made of magical wood tracing back to Eden.

Of course, suddenly becoming a wizard isn’t all unicorns and fairy dust. Not in any world ever written by Lewis, who typically delves hellish depths for inspiration and this book is no different. The world building is great and seamless and the book blends the mystery with the magic; readers tag along as Berman tries to unravel the mystery of the “great evil” that threatens the wizards, central park, and the world at large.

One part Harry Dresden, one part Fantastic Beasts, a heavy dose of Dr. Strange, and all fun. It evoked similar feelings that had when watching Bright on Netflix, which I thought was a great approach to the urban fantasy genre (although more overt in its world blending).

I’d give this one a solid consideration if you’re looking for a good Springtime read. I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review at my Inside the Inkwell blog. You can get a copy by clicking here.

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