State of Writing


I did it… all caught up from last week. So far, Hoods of the Red Order is at about 18,000 words with 8 completed chapters after 4 weeks of writing.

Those numbers feel slow for me. Then again, I’m intentionally writing at this pace (plus i know that I tend to speed up in the last quarter of a book.) I should be about half done after next week, shooting for 40,000 words on each rough draft which will probably expand up to 50k during revisions and addition of a prologue and epilogue that ties into one larger story that intertwines with the final book. Work has also felt busy with lots of new stuff going on, plus we’ve been hammered with 4 blizzards in the last several weeks and I’ve had lots of funerals recently, so if it would stop snowing and if people would stop dieing, that’d be swell.

Two more chapters for the upcoming week would make me happy. I think I might slow down my pace for the year, too… I could do 5-6 books this year, but I’ve had so many great short fiction ideas, I might take some time to work on a few of those in between this massive story arc.

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