State of Writing


I wasn’t sure I would make it this week, but I was able to complete my two chapters for the week on Hoods of the Red Order. It was a struggle late on Friday since the week’s work really knocked the stuffing out of me (the two day blizzard and canceled school and school programs actually creates more work for us youth workers). In the end, I had to shut myself down so I’d have the energy for a last-minute funeral I got called to play bagpipes at; I wanted to stay up and keep writing—I hit a great section where Robyn meets Vlad Calugarul of the House Draculesti (the half-brother of Vlad the Impaler).

YA time-traveling Robin Hood versus vampires. So much yas!

The Kakos Realm 3 is also just about ready for launch. I finished up looking over suggestions and edits from a few readers and made some minor edits. I’m still planning for a Spring release.

On the other side of things, I did some good online networking with other authors/groups and got a few interviews done with other blogs. Apparently I know a few things now so I get to pretend like I’m an expert on a few topics. I’ve also got a top secret writing project in the works that I have been investing some time into. Shhh.

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