Review: The Silver Horn Echoes-A Song of Roland


I was sent a copy of The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland for review. It is historical fiction but comes off in such a way that it crosses over into the appeal for the fantasy crowd—it invokes kind of the feeling that Game of Thrones fans would have when watching Vikings. As a fan of both shows I enjoyed the story of Roland and it had similar intrigue to the later seasons of Vikings with the kingdoms of the region vying for dominance during the Dark Ages (even though the central figures are the characters rather than the countries).

The story is well researched and flows seamlessly—although the action never bogs down in history lessons. The action comes quick and regular during the campaigns and you never quite feel safe as the reader.

This is a solid book. Well written and well edited. I didn’t expect much from iUniverse (the publisher) in terms of quality (I’m pretty sure they have their own in-house product production) but they surprised me and the book is solid the whole way through (last time I had one from them the binding basically fell apart, hence my skepticism,) and the art and layout of the book is great.

I would recommend this book to fans of either fantasy or historical fiction without hesitancy. It’s not exactly appropriate for all ages (it’s not inappropriate for younger readers as George R R Martin’s books would be, but there is a lot of realistic violence and situations as one would expect given the context. Again, it feels like it comes right out of the Vikings TV show) but the text readers easier than Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire and Eging and Arnold might technically be better writers (as most authors without a huge following are since they will be scrutinized with a harsher metric than well-known authors are.)

Inside the Inkwell blog received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I recommend you pick up a copy at your favorite bookseller or request it at your library.

Check out The Silver Horn Echoes book on Amazon!


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