Review: The Secret of the Aurora Hotel


It’s time for another Ultimate Ending book review. Having read others in their series, The Secret of the Aurora Hotel by McAleese and Kristoph is by far my favorite.

As with their others in the series these books have a few more puzzle elements versus traditional Choose Your Own Adventure titles.

The Aurora Hotel is a haunted hotel your uncle Gus purchased; you and your two cousins try solve its mystery and lift the curse that started long ago. It’s got this great Shining feel to it that immerses you, although in a juvenile and age appropriate manner… but what’s as much fun as exploring a crazy, haunted house. (Some of my favorite table top games include those like Mansions of Madness.)

Ultimate Ending Books are very similar to CYOA books except there is one ending that is better than the rest—that helps up the stakes a little. If you haven’t checked them out before, they have a website where you can check out all of their titles and also unlock badges and keep tabs on how many Ultimate Endings you’ve unlocked (under the Extras tab) at

I got a handful of free books to review from the publisher a while back and have been spacing them out with this being my last read and favorite of the bunch. You can get The Secret of the Aurora Hotel on Amazon!


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