Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Cult of Cthulhu


James Boswell’s Sherlock Holmes and the Cult of Cthulhu is an intriguing book. The time periods, and in many respects, the writing styles, of Doyle and Lovecraft seem an obvious intersection for a writer seeking to dovetail them together.

Fair warning, I haven’t read any of Doyle’s Holmes titles in almost two decades. Perhaps it was the theme, but I read the story with an inner monologue in a British accent, kind of like how memes with a photo of Morgan Freeman make you read the text in his voice.

The story was engaging and kept me reading. I did notice some problems with POV as Boswell slipped out of first person and into third person. It isn’t all that odd since Watson sometimes does this as a way of narration, but there are a few points where this occurs and Watson is not present and it’s obviously not a narration but an inconsistent POV. I would much prefer a 3rd person, anyhow and would shift Watson’s 1st person narration into actual dialogue or into journal entries. As mentioned, Doyle might also shift between POVs, but I can’t remember and it’s discouraged in the modern age of writing. The cover could also use a little TLC to make it look less “self published,” (art is fine, but the layout elements detract somewhat,) but the story is a lot of fun.

As mentioned, the story and overall theme were quite intriguing, although it does take a few chapters to get firmly into the mythos. I found it enjoyable and perhaps more engaging than I initially expected. If you like either Holmes or Lovecraft, I’d encourage you to pick this book up.

I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review at my blog, Inside the Inkwell. You can get the book by following this link to Amazon!


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