State of Writing


Yikes. My day got away from me before I could vomit a few words onto my keyboard.
Big week for me… in addition to being crazy productive for my dayjob. I took my daughter to the #MNWW Minnesota writers workshop; she just recently finished her first novel. Not only did she get to see some of the underbelly stuff from the publishing world and get to hear from some industry professionals, but we took an editing track that I think she will find immensely useful in making revisions. (She took like 6 pages worth of notes). My big highlights this year were all professional achievements. I connected with the owner of Subtext books who sponsored the event and have her sold on hosting a book signing for Wolf of the Tesseract. I also book a future author interview for this blog from David Oppegaard, and pitched books to 3 agents (with 4 requests for pages and an agent I pitched last year but did not query this year invited me to requery her at her new agency). Hopefully the other shoe doesn’t drop any time soon.
Scheduled a few more book signings in addition to everything else I did. I also finished my outlines for all 5 installments of The Hidden Rings of Myrrdin the Cambion, my YA genre mash-up series which will begin writing soon. I did get worried when I realized I lost an entire book (including the outline) that I had detailed notes for while updating my scrivener software a few months back now that I wanted to plot them with notecards in the software. It took me a few hours’ worth of searching through old TEMP files, but I eventually found them. Good thing, too, because it was pretty good stuff and I outlined all 5 books over a period of about 10 days so that all the story lines had a cohesive continuity.
…Now to get the final drafts of TKR3 and WotT2 completed so I can begin in clear conscience.


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