Review: Cursed–the Hunter Inside


Cursed: the Hunter Inside (Part 1), is the next book that you’ve got to get! As the father of teenage author I took special interest when sixteen year old Casey Millette queried my blog for a review. I thought I might have to reach in order to find nice things to say, but dang, this girl can write.

It opens with a phenomenal hook and the action keeps driving forward from there. In checking out her publisher, I also see that Parliament House  (an IBPA member) is no slouch, either. They demand top- notch stories, and this is one of them. Millette writes with a tightness and descriptive ability typically only found in writers with several books under their belt; she does a great job of resisting waxing passive and falling into “tell” vs “show.” This is a story you won’t regret picking up and from a voice that is guaranteed to be a fresh one in the industry.

The Hunter Inside promises to be the first book in the Cursed series. Millette seems to have all the natural skill and talent of a young Robert Jordan (and Aldor’s struggles strike me something akin to Rand al’Thor or the Wheel of Time in many ways, though Millette claims to have struck out to write a YA themed Lord of the Rings style epic.) The final pages of the book promise that book two is forthcoming. Of course, I received book one as an ARC for review purposes, so it may be a while. Book 1 releases on paperback on March 27.

I got a review copy for free in order to review it at my blog, Inside the Inkwell. You can get it after it releases over at Amazon by clicking this link.

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