State of Writing


Last week I edited a revised draft of my new crime-comedy/awkward romance, 50 Shades of Worf… note the title change. I also watched most of Alan Tudyk’s ConMan (which is hilarious) … they are very similar. Once I do another future edit, and after I have completed through season two, I may be reminded of some other tropes and can insert a few other throw away jokes. I really am heavy on the humor side.

Aside from the #amediting I did a little promo for my 2 books in the Indie Contest (please vote) and set some calendar items (I am confirmed at the MCBA comiccon in May,) and got a few things ready for the MN Writers Workshop I’m attending on Saturday.

My 14 year old daughter is coming with me as a paid and registered conference member. She just finished her novel over the weekend, so I’m excited for her to see some of the other real world aspects of the publishing world and get her acquainted early.

Within the next couple of weeks I hope to begin the Hidden Rings Cycle. I have begun migrating my rough outlines into a more Scrivener friendly format so that it’s ready to begin writing and then keep writing. I should have that done this week. My outlook is very positive–50 Shades of Worf was written in just over 30 days and its slightly longer/about the same as what I have planned for each of these 5 stories… the goal is to complete writing on them in a maximum of 12 months. I proved to myself that I am capable of that… new achievement reached! New goal unlocked: write 6 novels in one year. 1 down, 5 to go 🙂

Also! If you have a beta copy of The Kakos Realm: Death Upon the Fields of Splendor, please get me your notes, revisions, chicken scratches, and doodles asap… I’d like to complete my last 2 rounds of revisions before I begin writing the Hidden Rings stories (one I start, I only want to pause to do the same for Wolves of the Tesseract #2).

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