What do you want to know? Taking Your Requests…


I want to hear from you! I often answer questions from people as they ask them in person, at panels, and online. #writingadvice #writerscommunity  #amwriting

What are your biggest questions about publishing, writing, etc? I’ll do my best to ferret out the answers for you! Maybe I’ve already blogged about it and this will give me a chance to revisit an older topics again.

I do have blog posts written and scheduled up until the end of March already, but I’d love to write some new articles on top of those I’ve already got and see what issues other Indies are dealing with.

Leave your comments in the blog responses (this will be pushed to social media as well, but those responses are harder to track, so reply to this post over at https://authorchristopherdschmitz.wordpress.com so I can find them more easily!)

I’m here to help! Let me help you navigate the Indie world! Leave those comments below and Follow me for more!

#indiethursday #amediting #indieauthor  #indiepub #selfpub #selfpublishing


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